Working with Gok Wan

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Gok Wan at his fashion brunch. This involved a three course meal, questions and answers and of course a fashion show and plenty of goodies for all the guests. Myself and a few other people from my college class and students from different Universities and colleges also had the chance to participate. Throughout working this event we discovered all the putting together of such a large scale event with over 250 guests.Arriving at the venue at half six in the morning was a massive shock to the system. Throughout volunteering we put together goodie bags for the guests, which in itself was a task and a half with so many bags to make up for each and every guest, along with running out of particular products. Although this was out of our control it led to us having to find a solution and fast before the guests all began to arrive. Transporting and storing these wasn’t easy either, I felt like i was a shopaholic in a movie with the amount of bags dangling from every limb. We also organised tickets and ensured every guest had a slip to claim their goodies at the end of the show, while checking each guest off as they arrived. Tables were set with centre pieces and Neom candles were lit across the room prepared for the guests. The best part was getting the chance to see the fashion show consisting of high street stores and local fashion boutiques. The day did not go without hiccups, due to my early start I didn’t grab breakfast leading to fainting, this was an embarrassment when i fell in front of loads of makeup artists, retailers, hairdressers, event planners and not forgetting Gok Wan and his team. Someone fetched a medic and Gok Wan came through shouting one not realising i had one which was embarrassing. Telling the story people thought i fainted because i met him, I know i can be a little dramatic sometimes but I’m not that bad.



Fashion show 

 College has been a bit hectic just now with uni applications, fashion show planning and lots of assignments. Although I have been busy we did have a wee trip to Edinburgh for assignment research for corporate store image which mainly involved a lot of eating food oops. Don’t worry I still got plenty of notes ahahah. above is a mood board on one of our college fashion show ideas ‘festival of fashion’ During this fashion show we will be fundraising for a chosen charity.  I can’t wait to begin planning, promoting and running the event with lots of other students throughout the college, such an exciting experienceđŸ’ƒđŸ»

Newspaper dresses

I have no other excuse for not posting other than the fact i’m lazy, seriously though I do want to focus on my Blog a lot more this college year. This will be my last year before heading off to University study Fashion Management I hope. Going back to college was a major shock to my system, no thank you to the early mornings. This year is going to be really exciting though we have to organise a fashion show which i’ll hopefully put a little about on my blog. I’ve not been responding well to early mornings though, long story short i prepped my lunch and instead of picking up my lunch box i picked up some sliced gammon my mum had boxed and stores in the fridge. In my defence I was half asleep, although embarrassing stuff like this does happen to me daily. Should probably add more lifestyle posts to this blog so you’s can laugh at my stupid clumsiness. Anyway finally reaching the subject of the blog post ten years later I wanted to show you all The newspaper dress we created in class. Me and three other people within my course were asked to create a dress from newspaper within an hour and to be honest I was quite proud of the final outcome. There were so many amazing creations that were a lot more extravagant but ours was fairly simple yet effective. Pictured below is our creation.

First picture we felt the dress was a little plain so we decided to add an origami flower to add a little detailing.


Spring Trends I’m loving

Sorry about the long wait, college coursework is taking over my life right now (I’m totally not using this blog post as a procrastination method..) but there’s only three more weeks and I’m off until September. Look out for more outfit post’s then when I rope my boyfriend into taking photos for me.(He’s unaware this is happening but it is.) Anyway although i haven’t roped anyone into taking photo’s for me I decided to make a post of spring trends that i am in LOVE with right now. This weather is making me so happy, although come on guys it’s not bikini weather yet calm down Scottish people.

Anyway here’s the spring trends I’m loving:

The Victorian Era Neckline is a definite favourite, so beautiful just look at this one from Rodarte Spring 2016 fashion show:


Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

I mean it may be black therefore ignoring the spring element but look how beautiful it is. I mean who doesn’t incorporate black into every outfit?

Another spring trend that has caught my attention is the shoulder exposure, although this may result in some awkward tan lines, that’s if Scotland ever gets sun.


Hood by air spring

Photo: Luca Tombolini /

This is taken from hood by air’s spring show. I’m also loving this handy pouch on her neck, I mean who doesn’t need extra storage on the go?

This dress below’s bright colours and low neckline is beautiful. I’m loving low necklines right now and I’m too excited to bring out my bright and floral clothing this spring and summer.

Gucci Spring 2016 show


Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

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Updates soon

I have officially invested in a laptop so prepare for some exciting new posts, i apologise for the lack of posts lately. I find it easier to create blog posts on a laptop rather than my phone and haven’t had access to our family laptop although now I have my own so look out for lots more updates very soon. I’m also hoping to start an Instagram to further promote my blog and let you’s all know about my latest posts so look out for that very soon. Keep an eye out for my future posts which will include fashion inspiration, opinions and news.


I intend to get better pictures and constantly progress and improve this blog although, you will have to bare with these not too fab quality photos just now. This post just gives you an idea of my style. I hope to get better quality photo’s out and about soon although this being my first proper post this is all i have at the moment. 

My style is influenced a lot from styles i see online which inspire me to create my own looks. I like to find clothing that is fairly different and often dress up for the smallest of occasions. Due to personally being inspired by those online i hope to inspire others on their style.

The picture on the left is when i was going to the theatre the dress and hat are both purchased from Topshop and the shoes are from Zara.

Pictured on the right is a more recent outfit choice in which i wore going out for drinks, the top and boots are from new look, the skirt is from Topshop and my bag is a satchel style and is from River island. My knee high socks were a gift therefore I’m unsure where they were purchased from but they are fairly easy to find online or within high street stores.