Working with Gok Wan

I had the amazing opportunity to work with Gok Wan at his fashion brunch. This involved a three course meal, questions and answers and of course a fashion show and plenty of goodies for all the guests. Myself and a few other people from my college class and students from different Universities and colleges also had the chance to participate. Throughout working this event we discovered all the putting together of such a large scale event with over 250 guests.Arriving at the venue at half six in the morning was a massive shock to the system. Throughout volunteering we put together goodie bags for the guests, which in itself was a task and a half with so many bags to make up for each and every guest, along with running out of particular products. Although this was out of our control it led to us having to find a solution and fast before the guests all began to arrive. Transporting and storing these wasn’t easy either, I felt like i was a shopaholic in a movie with the amount of bags dangling from every limb. We also organised tickets and ensured every guest had a slip to claim their goodies at the end of the show, while checking each guest off as they arrived. Tables were set with centre pieces and Neom candles were lit across the room prepared for the guests. The best part was getting the chance to see the fashion show consisting of high street stores and local fashion boutiques. The day did not go without hiccups, due to my early start I didn’t grab breakfast leading to fainting, this was an embarrassment when i fell in front of loads of makeup artists, retailers, hairdressers, event planners and not forgetting Gok Wan and his team. Someone fetched a medic and Gok Wan came through shouting one not realising i had one which was embarrassing. Telling the story people thought i fainted because i met him, I know i can be a little dramatic sometimes but I’m not that bad.




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