Catch up

Think it’s about time i made a blog post and explain all that’s been happening lately. Well it has been very hectic with sending away my UCAS and doing my Graded Unit, there are so many amazing University courses I’ve applied for and i can’t wait for my reference to be written so I can hopefully start receiving offers.(fingers crossed) On the University front my little sister has got two unconditional offers and I’m a super proud older sister heres hoping I’m just as lucky. Anyway as you know I’ve been super busy with college work and i cannot wait until Christmas and all the festivities/celebrations to begin starting with my Birthday night out this weekend, how am i 19 already? Hopefully i’ll also head off to the Christmas Market and show you’s my winter outfit and my festive photo’s. Also I have not updated you’s on my London trip a few months ago. I am so unorganised and i have been extra busy lately and will continue to be with our college fashion show coming in the next few months! Anyway heres some photo’s of me exploring London with Ross:


How beautiful is this little apartment? would be a dream to live here.


Again showcasing London’s beauty I am so in love with London and China town is such a pretty place.

Oh and of course i couldn’t forget my favourite place in London, Camden and of course the cereal killer cafe, i had amazing S’mores cereal there and the decor is so amazing if you are ever in London I definitely recommend going there.




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