I intend to get better pictures and constantly progress and improve this blog although, you will have to bare with these not too fab quality photos just now. This post just gives you an idea of my style. I hope to get better quality photo’s out and about soon although this being my first proper post this is all i have at the moment. 

My style is influenced a lot from styles i see online which inspire me to create my own looks. I like to find clothing that is fairly different and often dress up for the smallest of occasions. Due to personally being inspired by those online i hope to inspire others on their style.

The picture on the left is when i was going to the theatre the dress and hat are both purchased from Topshop and the shoes are from Zara.

Pictured on the right is a more recent outfit choice in which i wore going out for drinks, the top and boots are from new look, the skirt is from Topshop and my bag is a satchel style and is from River island. My knee high socks were a gift therefore I’m unsure where they were purchased from but they are fairly easy to find online or within high street stores.